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What do we offer?

This enabled “customer A” to provide replacements to their end users to ensure minimal downtime and without the financial burden of holding additional spare HDD/SSD”


Advanced replacement warranty

We offer a unique one-year advanced replacement warranty on all HDDs and SSDs. You will also get a brand-new replacement drive sent to you before you’ve even returned the faulty drive. *Subject to availability

This enabled “customer A” to provide replacements to their end users to ensure minimal downtime and without the financial burden of holding additional spare HDD/SSD”

Pre-qualification samples

Available on request for new drives and technologies for testing. We’ll even help you benchmark each HDD with some key performance statistics.

“With Pre-qualification samples, we work with our customers to ensure the latest technologies are designed in and optimised for performance in the application. “Customer B” consulted with our technical team to seamlessly transition their SATA infrastructure to NVMe“

Roadmap and market updates

With IT storage requirements growing daily, you need to keep track of the HDD and SSD industries. We deliver a balanced, educated guide on the future of drives, and help you plan your next move

Boosting your performance…

Engineering consultancy

You need the right HDD and SSD solution for your vertical application and environment. We make sure you’re designing in the correct drive to maximise performance, reliability, and value for money.

Firmware control

We work with businesses with firmware-specific HDD or SSD requirements and help manage your ECCN. This ensures you only ever receive the firmware you need.

“Customer C” continues to take 10K Mission Critical drives into their legacy systems that require a very specific firmware to work with the software layer. We flash each drive with the correct firmware in our integration centre before shipping to the customer.


Our accredited and comprehensive integration facility provides services including the testing and qualification of drives, to the full configuration, burn-in
and fixed BOM requirements.

Product releases and EOL

Designing in a new generation of HDD or SSD with an existing system can cost money and time. We keep you up to date on product release dates and EOL notifications, to help manage your inventory.

We provide an advanced notice once the End of Life of a product is announced. We work with our customers and the manufacturer to seamlessly transition your application to the replacement product. Whilst the transition happens we also offer our customers a last time buy and call off opportunity.

Price, availability and shipping

We work with suppliers and vendors to make sure you get your product at the right price when you need it. And we manage product constraints to minimise the impact on our customers. As an authorised distributor in EMEA, we ship HDD and SSD drives to over 25 countries throughout Europe

Technical support

In the unlikely event of failure or compatibility issues in your application, we’ll work with you to determine the root cause of the problem and put in place preventative measures moving forward.

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